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Life – Transition Coach Ministry

.Feeling stuck?  Conflicted about which path you should take or how to accomplish what God has led you toward?  Fighting anxiety? Does it seem as if you are being forced into a situation that you are unsure about?  Are you considering making a change but unsure?  Are you struggling to know God’s will for your life or how to walk it out?  Having a difficult time envisioning how to accomplish something that you feel you God has called to do?  Perhaps you could just use some supportive accountability to encourage you to do what you know you should be doing in order to make your goal a reality.

Life is a series of changes and like a fine jewel, the shuffling often exposes areas in our lives that need attention.  While change is inevitable, how we make the transition is what will make the difference. The process is often very challenging but it can be made much easier when there is Godly encouragement as Biblical principles are applied,  spiritual discernment and insight are practiced, and the Holy Spirit is allowed to work in our lives.

As the world changes many are being forced to change with it.  Some sense that God is calling them into a higher realm: He is calling His people out of the world’s systems and into a higher realm in the Kingdom of God.

Helping you sort through it all, while moving forward in what God has for you, is one of the ways that Kingdom Realm Coaching can help you as you transition from one station of life to another.

For more about  Kingdom Realm Ministry  go to “Ministry” at GodsKingdomRealm.Com

Inner Healing for the spirit, soul & body

“I thought I had been on the snow-covered trail all along: But now I realized that not only was I not on the trail, but I also had no idea how long I had been off the trail or even where I was. I struggled as I climbed the nearest hill-top. But all I could see in every direction was wilderness. I was lost and I was alone….”

Being alone and/or disoriented is a lonely place to be. I know; I’ve been there. The story above is true:  I know, I was there.  However, as you and I both know, you don’t have to be deep in the wilderness to be lost and alone: You can just as easily feel lost and alone in a stadium of 26,000 people; I’ve been there too.

However, you don’t have to be. Whether you are struggling with a health challenge, trauma, abuse, rejection or something else; God cares about you. You may wonder where He has been in all that you have experienced but He really does want the best for you and so do we.

There are answers.  There is hope.  God will help you if you let Him. If you don’t give up, He won’t give up…

Every person and circumstance is unique.  God has a special plan just for you; a destiny waiting for only to fulfill.

From a Biblical basis, I incorporate prophetic prayer ministry with other integrative techniques and resources, with care and commitment, to help you align with God and experience the health, healing, and wholeness that God wants for you.

For more about  Kingdom Realm Ministry  go to “Ministry” at GodsKingdomRealm.Com

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