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Advancing the Kingdom of God Through Healing and Revival

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Healing God’s Way

If you are walking with God, He knows what you have been through and He is eager to help regardless of the situation.

Secular statistics indicate that approximately 80% of all dis-ease has spiritual / emotional roots:  But regardless of the issue or its origin, God has made a way for your healing in spirit, soul (mind), and body.  He wants to be your source.

God cares for you.  He wants the best for you and so do we.  There are answers.  There is hope.  God will help you if you let Him. If you don’t give up, He won’t give up.

Sure various circumstances and problems can be addressed in various ways:  But for real healing to occur, root causes must be addressed.  Every person and circumstance is unique and so there are no cooky-cutter answers.  God has a special plan just for you.

From a Biblical basis, I incorporate prophetic prayer ministry with other integrative techniques and resources.  With care and commitment, we work together for God’s healing so that you can align with Him and experience the health, healing, and wholeness in spirit, soul (mind), and body that God wants for you.

As one who has experienced profound inner healing and supernatural physical healing, I am always blessed when I have the opportunity to allow God to work through me to bless others.

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“Revival” is coming but very differently

In the recent past, revival in America has either been well received by the culture or ignored by those not interested:  But this revival is different.  It will be more powerful, more profound, and far more brazen than any other the world has ever seen: Even more so than what we see in the “New Testament” / Renewed Covenant.  Likewise, it will be more opposed than any other.

All-out war has already been declared in the heavenlies. Fence riding will soon become impossible for everyone:  All will have to choose a side.

A revival is far more than just a “meeting”.  In most cases claims of “revival” or “camp” meetings, these days are, at best, evangelistic meetings.  Evangelistic meetings can be a good thing, but they are not in themselves a “revival”.

Preparations are being made now.  The adversary and his minions are building up and God is preparing a Remnant to overcome evil with good.

The more prepared and ready you are, the more you can benefit from what God has to impart to you.  God is establishing “flickering flames” of revival throughout America, and all of the world, even now.  What will your part be?

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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